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Wintertournament Kenpo Karate 5th anniversary!!

On Sunday 20th november 2005 for the fifth time, the annual Wintertournament Kenpo Karate will be organized. For this event schools from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
The event will take place in the Galgenwaard Sportscentre (address: Herculesplein in Utrecht) from 10.00 AM till 5.00 PM.
The entry fee for students from schools that are affiliated to the Martial Arts Foundation Holland will be 7,50 for one division, 12,50 for 2 divisions and 15,- for 3 or 4 divisions. For non affiliated schools the fee will be respectively 10,00, 17,50 and 22,50. The admission fee for audience will be 5,00.

The following disciplines will be available:
Traditional Parker System Kenpo Forms (V)

Unarmed Kenpo forms 1 thru 6
Traditional Open Forms (OV)

Traditional unarmed forms or kata from other systems than the Parker System.
Creative Forms (CV)

Unarmed forms, non traditional. Team forms are to be done in this division too.

Weaponforms (WV)
Forms, creative or traditional, utilising weapons.

Self Defense Techniques (ZT)
The participants show their self defense techniques against attackers they bring along. Not just technical preciseness and performance, but also originality will gain points from the judges.

Freestyle (FS)
On a semi-contact basis participants score points on each other. In divisions under brown belt level there will ben o head contact allowed. In higher divisions light contact is allowed to the head.
In each discipline participants will be divided in divisions. In general the following divisions will be available:

In every freestyle division there will be seperate divisions for men and women. In case of enough participants the other divisions may be split up too. There will be separate divisions for children (under 17). In case of in- or over-sufficient participation in any division the organization is entitled to join or split divisions accordingly.

For more information:
Hans Hesselmann (+31 30 - 2942988 / +31 30 - 2322262)
Marcel de Jong (kenpo@wanadoo.nl)
Or ask your own instructor

Register now!
Registration closes on 20 oktober 2005

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